Saint Jean de Losne Salon Fluviale

Apologies that I haven’t posted for a while – mainly because we were home for six winter months in UK. Now .. here we go again! April – May 2023 We excitedly set forth for France and Calliope on April 4th, planning a week aboard to prepare for the season before taking the car backContinue reading “Saint Jean de Losne Salon Fluviale”

SW on the Rhone au Rhin

part 2 – Mulhouse to Saint-Jean-de-Losne including a tiny bit of La Saône 10th to 22nd September 2022 Saturday was rather another rather long, and initially wet, day, travelling from Mulhouse to Dannemarie. For this section of the canal we had to have an éclusier with us, although the stretch is being automated and withinContinue reading “SW on the Rhone au Rhin”

South West on the Rhône au Rhin

Part 1: Strasbourg to Mulhouse including 72kms of Le Rhin 6th to 9th September 2022 We were in Strasbourg on a beautiful mooring in the Basin de la Citadelle (Port d’Europe) with this lovely view from our back deck. We had been there since late July, originally planning to use the Canal des Vosges toContinue reading “South West on the Rhône au Rhin”

One week to reach Strasbourg

On Canal de la Marne au Rhin Est 20th to 26th July 2022 As we came to the end of the Canal de la Sarre we reached a T-junction and the sign above. For now it was an easy choice – we were heading for Strasbourg where our niece and her family would join usContinue reading “One week to reach Strasbourg”

Savouring the Sarre in Slow Time 2

Part 2 – the French stretch – Canal de la Sarre (Canal des houillères de la Sarre) 12th to 19th July 2022 We arrived in Sarreguemines with extra crew aboard – son and grandson – who had joined us on the German part of our Sarre (Saar) journey – as documented in the last blogContinue reading “Savouring the Sarre in Slow Time 2”

Savouring the Saar in slow time

Part 1 – the German stretch : 29th June to 14th July 2022 We turned onto the Saar at 1005 in the morning, saying goodbye to the Moselle which had been our friendly waterway for the past 11 days, and to Luxembourg where we had moored for the past four nights. Now we were inContinue reading “Savouring the Saar in slow time”

One river; three countries

170kms of La Moselle, travelling through France and Luxembourg …………. looking at Germany! 16th to 29th June 2022 We left Toul part way through a heat wave, with temperatures in the higher 30°C expected for the next few days. We were still on the canal de La Marne au Rhin for one km, going underContinue reading “One river; three countries”

A few days R&R at Toul

11th to 17th June 2022 If you have been following the blog you will know that we were making our way to Toul to meet our good friend Hilary at Toul station on Sunday evening. We thought it best to get there the day before so that we had plenty of time to find aContinue reading “A few days R&R at Toul”

The Magnificent Meuse part 3

Canal de la Meuse from Charleville to Troussey 25th May to 10 June 2022 [Be warned – this is a longer blog than usual, but then the Meuse is a long river!] In truth many parts of the Meuse are canalised, all the way down to Givet and the border of France with Belgium. HoweverContinue reading “The Magnificent Meuse part 3”

4 days on the Canal des Ardennes

(The first 28.5 kms there and back to be precise!) As we only travelled one third of the way along the Canal des Ardennes I will just give a short description of our few days there. Others who have travelled the full canal have far more credibility in talking about the journey. We were onContinue reading “4 days on the Canal des Ardennes”