Calliope Moments from Oxford to Brentford and one point North

It began in a snowstorm in Biddulph – …. where we had our first night aboard and aground in our new home. Before too long Special Delivery provided a splashdown for Calliope at Reading and we took charge! Life at the Marina was crowded, but fun, with Spring sunshine making a reluctant appearance on daysContinue reading “Calliope Moments from Oxford to Brentford and one point North”

Eventide at Wargrave Marsh

Found an unexpected, calm, mooring last night – Wargrave Marsh.  Calliope is not listing to starboard –  but the photographer may be! We were joined, cross stream, by a hunting heron.     As the sun set a bedazzled goose came hopefully by.   And the light graded gently through rainbow gold …. to pastel pinks, greys and blues. AContinue reading “Eventide at Wargrave Marsh”

The calm and storm of Benson Lock

It’s great when we get to be at the front of a BIG lock going upstream.  It’s the closest I get to white water rafting when the sluices are opened!  Hard to get a photo that even begins to convey this, but these few at Benson Lock give a slight feel of the calm andContinue reading “The calm and storm of Benson Lock”

Lock jams, boat jams and traffic jams with some bridges and animals.

It’s a bit different here on the upper reaches of the Thames (or should I say Isis?)  The scenery is flatter, more meadows …. and, a delight for me, more farm animals. (I can lay off Farmville and Smurf Village for a while and get my rural kicks for real).   Stewart kept calling “Cow!”Continue reading “Lock jams, boat jams and traffic jams with some bridges and animals.”

Greetings from Goring on Thames

We like it here with views from the bridge (over to Streatley) ….. …. views from the back deck …. …. and a view OF the back deck Hold on, something’s missing …. Ah yes, Captain and crew!             We like it SO much we came back again with Peter and Aileen.Continue reading “Greetings from Goring on Thames”