Greetings from Goring on Thames

We like it here IMG_3979

with views from the bridge (over to Streatley) ….. IMG_3976 IMG_3978

…. views from the back deck …. IMG_3972 IMG_3968

…. and a view OF the back deck IMG_3983

Hold on, something’s missing …. Ah yes, Captain and crew!

IMG_3984           IMG_3991

We like it SO much we came back again with Peter and Aileen.  It was great to have Aileen as a fellow photographer (she does it properly!) and to go for a walk along the bank snapping some of the natural resources – flora and fauna.

Flora first ….


IMG_4431         IMG_4434


  IMG_4440   IMG_4443   IMG_4444


IMG_4445    IMG_4481     IMG_4484    IMG_4486


and now fauna ….


IMG_4372              IMG_4462



Bye bye for now – we’re off to waters new


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Wife of Stewart, mother of 3, Granny of 6 (yes, I am happy to define myself by my family; I value them more than anything), and living abroad Calliope, our replica Dutch Barge, currently cruising the inland waterways of France, Belgium and The Netherlands. Retired from a couple of enjoyable careers, and now being closer to the real, outdoor me. Love water, fascinated by animals, enjoy music, support Pompey and try to find fun in all parts of my life.

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