Greetings from Goring on Thames

We like it here IMG_3979

with views from the bridge (over to Streatley) ….. IMG_3976 IMG_3978

…. views from the back deck …. IMG_3972 IMG_3968

…. and a view OF the back deck IMG_3983

Hold on, something’s missing …. Ah yes, Captain and crew!

IMG_3984           IMG_3991

We like it SO much we came back again with Peter and Aileen.  It was great to have Aileen as a fellow photographer (she does it properly!) and to go for a walk along the bank snapping some of the natural resources – flora and fauna.

Flora first ….


IMG_4431         IMG_4434


  IMG_4440   IMG_4443   IMG_4444


IMG_4445    IMG_4481     IMG_4484    IMG_4486


and now fauna ….


IMG_4372              IMG_4462



Bye bye for now – we’re off to waters new


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