A few days R&R at Toul

11th to 17th June 2022 If you have been following the blog you will know that we were making our way to Toul to meet our good friend Hilary at Toul station on Sunday evening. We thought it best to get there the day before so that we had plenty of time to find aContinue reading “A few days R&R at Toul”

The Magnificent Meuse part 3

Canal de la Meuse from Charleville to Troussey 25th May to 10 June 2022 [Be warned – this is a longer blog than usual, but then the Meuse is a long river!] In truth many parts of the Meuse are canalised, all the way down to Givet and the border of France with Belgium. HoweverContinue reading “The Magnificent Meuse part 3”