Living aboard in Portsmouth Harbour – October

I can hardly believe that we have already been here for 4 weeks!  In some ways it is strange to be here – the choppy sea instead of the calm river; the gulls and fish instead of the coots and herons; the warships, ferries and yachts instead of the narrow boats, barges and sculls. ButContinue reading “Living aboard in Portsmouth Harbour – October”

There once were some ugly ducklings ….

…. with feathers all stubby and brown But, and sorry to use such a trite word, they are so cute!  They are amazingly fluffy with their baby down, not yet able to shed water as they will do from their future feathers. We have been lucky enough to see them at many stages of growth,Continue reading “There once were some ugly ducklings ….”

These East End Coots Are Something Else!!

  (First of all an apology – I thought the photos were better than they are!) For all those planning to get to more familiar with coots and their family habits, forget my Amazonian activities upstream. There is no need to swing through branches, plunge into water and spend hours quietly crouched on tree roots.Continue reading “These East End Coots Are Something Else!!”

Calliope Moments from Oxford to Brentford and one point North

It began in a snowstorm in Biddulph – …. where we had our first night aboard and aground in our new home. Before too long Special Delivery provided a splashdown for Calliope at Reading and we took charge! Life at the Marina was crowded, but fun, with Spring sunshine making a reluctant appearance on daysContinue reading “Calliope Moments from Oxford to Brentford and one point North”

Eventide at Wargrave Marsh

Found an unexpected, calm, mooring last night – Wargrave Marsh.  Calliope is not listing to starboard –  but the photographer may be! We were joined, cross stream, by a hunting heron.     As the sun set a bedazzled goose came hopefully by.   And the light graded gently through rainbow gold …. to pastel pinks, greys and blues. AContinue reading “Eventide at Wargrave Marsh”