Too little Toulouse

Three days and nights in Toulouse only allowed us to touch the surface of this interesting city. We fitted in some of the sights, some of the gardens, some of the culture, and lots of wandering through narrow streets with fascinating architecture. The weather and light was not kind to the photographer most of the time; here is a small sample of what we saw.

I love the huge old gates and doors hinting at the faded opulence within, courtyards, stairs and shutters.

Pont Neuf is wonderful, though cold and windy whenever we went across! I particularly enjoy the little cameo pictures through the holes in the pillars.

At one end of the Pont Neuf, at St Cyprien, is a water tower. It’s brick built architecture was beautiful, and housed a photographic exhibition.

Les Abbatoirs art gallery had some of the whackiest modern art I have seen – Heath-Robinsonesque in part. In fact it was Daniel Spoerri, Niki de Sainte Valle, Yves Klein and others. Great stuff!

A nearby park provided suitable grazing for a cow and the siting of a ‘Fabulous Creatures’ carousel and a couple of large modern sculptures for Stu to ponder over.

Toulouse black madonna
Toulouse black madonna

With all the stunning churches in the city it is odd that I did not get any photos of the outsides. But I did take one of the famous Black Madonna in the Eglise de la Daurade down near the river.

And yes, we enjoyed the bar life too.

Too little Toulouse, but we will be back.


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