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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, (from France)

    Bravo for your website that inspires dreams …

    Among your friends who sail,
    if you know a Piper boat for sale … (used)
    We are thinking about …

    We have already visited “Ithaké” :
    a 55 feet moored in Moissac , but we had no deal.
    We are looking for a larger boat.

    Our last boat (recently sold) :

    Thanks a lot
    Bests regards
    Christine et François
    Excuse-me for my bad english !!


    1. Hi Christine et François, Merci pour votre email. Excusez-moi Aussie pour ma Francaise! Alors je parle Anglaise maintenant.
      We will sell Calliope in a year or two as we are getting older! For now I f you want to come and see her to get an idea of a larger Piper boat (we are 65 feet) and maybe have a cruise you will be welcome.
      We are in north Belgium for the next 4 weeks.
      I will also ask other Piper owners if they are selling and let you know.
      Merci encore
      Lesley and Stewart


      1. Hello Lesley and Stewart,

        Thank you for your reply (your two replies)
        I didn’t realize your boat was a 65 feet.
        I thought it was a 60 feet.
        … which is already an upper limit for us !
        We have seen this 65f Zambezi, last year in Saint-Jean-de-Losnes,
        on the occasion of boat show..
        During your cruises, do you meet moorings problems with a such large boat ? (65f.)
        It’s the question that would concern us, as a priority …
        Where are-you moored during winter ?

        Sincerely yours
        François & Christine


      2. Hi François and Christine We have not had a problem mooring – if you have looked at the blog and different rivers and canals you will see all the places we have moored. We are 20m (65 foot). The 15m boats find it a little easier because many marinas have pontoon for up to 15m boats. But most marinas can also find a space for a 20m boat if you phone them. We prefer to moor away from marinas and even on the busy Canal du Midi we always found a place to moor. We are in Kortrijk for the winter (Courtrai in French I think). We will be in UK most of the winter but will visit Calliope a few times. I hope this helps. Lesley

        Lesley Carr



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